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Realize your style with Calligaris.


We use only the very best materials, offering luxurious comfort and style, whilst retaining the durability and longevity that Calligaris products are known for.

Calligaris metals are corrosion resistant, ultra high quality steels and alloys with exquisite workmanship.

Our fabrics are stain resistant and colorfast. With our exclusive Teflon™ fabric protector and stain-proof treatments, our fabrics are protected from dry, wet and oily stains.

Additionally our Silver Protection treatment has antimicrobial, antibacterial and antifungal properties.


Our leathers exude excellence and opulence with a beautiful soft touch and robust durability.

Smell and feel our premium leathers.

We protect our woods with special paints and coatings, which enhance the natural beauty and offer an efficient barrier against stains.

Calligaris has been FSC® certified for many years, a trademark that identifies products containing wood come from responsibly managed forests compliant with rigorous environmental, social and economic standards.

Calligaris is one of the top awards by FSC® Italy for its sustainability in the wooden furniture industry.


Calligaris ceramics are a hybrid porcelain stoneware slab with a tempered float glass.

The result is a surface with exceptional scratch, shock, stain, thermal and chemical resistance.

It is hygenic and easy to clean, and does not absorb liquids.

Plastic is a key raw material to create our collection.

For each product version we choose the ideal formulation.

Polypropylene (strong and durable, good resistance to chemical agents, shocks, abrasion and weather) is perfect for solid colors, while polycarbonate offers smooth and glossy surfaces and a high transparency and gloss.