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Terms and Conditions of Sale

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Use of this website is by the conditions set out below. If you do not agree to the terms and conditions do not use this website.

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Terms and conditions of sale

This agreement is subject to the terms and conditions below, provided that the term or condition is not in breach of any applicable law or statute at the time and place of acceptance of this order by sydneyside furniture.

Care and maintenance

After delivery of their Sydneyside products, customers are responsible for the correct and continued care and maintenance of their furniture. We strongly suggest that customers obtain and follow the care and maintenance instructions for their Sydneyside furniture as offered by our consultants.

Inappropriate cleaning or use of your Sydneyside Furniture or the failure to care properly for your Sydneyside items can result in costly repairs and may void your warranty.

External carriers

Full payment of the invoice balance is to be paid prior to the handing over of any part of the purchased goods if external carriers are engaged for delivery. Additional protective coverings, packagings, insurance should be arranged with carriers and is the responsibility of the purchaser. Furniture transported by external carriers are at the purchaser’s own risk and is not the responsibility of Sydneyside once goods have been handled by non Sydneyside personnel.

Intellectual property

The purchaser acknowledges that all intellectual property including designs, techniques, methods of manufacture, photographs, specifications, artwork, text, patented inventions and registered designs remain the property of Sydneyside furniture. The purchaser will not knowingly allow any intellectual property belonging to Sydneyside Furniture to be reverse engineered, pirated or copied. Failure to comply with these conditions may result in compensation being payable to Sydneyside furniture.

Disclosure of personal information

Sydneyside will not sell or pass on your name or personal information to any third party unless absolutely necessary in the context of fulfilling your order or delivery or we are legally obliged to by Australian Government authorities. We may use your personal details to keep you informed of new Sydneyside products or seasonal offers unless you have specifically requested that you do not wish to receive such contact.

You can access your personal information held by Sydneyside at any time by contacting any of our stores or head office.


Colour swatches, fabric and leather samples are an approximate guide only. Leather and fabric will vary in colour and texture. Leather will exhibit scars and marks and will vary in shade and density in areas due to the natural variance of the product; this is the hallmark of genuine leather. The hardness and appearance of displays may vary with the degree and type of use. Wood veneer will vary greatly from batch to batch and will change colour when exposed to light. This is due to the natural variance in the product and is expected in a natural wood product.

Delivery, installation & site accessibility

Buyer is entirely responsible for ensuring adequate accessibility into the premises is available for delivery of the Sydneyside furniture. Sydneyside representatives can discuss options that ensure your delivery can be completed but reserve the right to charge additional costs where difficult deliveries or incomplete deliveries result from poor access.

Sydneyside’s standard delivery and installation routes accommodate for the majority of Sydney metro area. For deliveries and installations outside the Sydney metro area and throughout the rest of Australia, Sydneyside will use a carrier specified by you for delivery and recommend using the services of a qualified kitchen/furniture installer.

Once ready goods not delivered within 14 days of production may incur a storage charge.


Lifetime warranty applies only to Sydneyside manufactured furniture. Where furniture has not been manufactured by Sydneyside, the supplier of the item will be responsible for servicing and/or resolving the warranty claim. Inappropriate maintenance, above average or excessive loading, misuse, external handling disassembling/re-assembling or installing/uninstalling by unauthorised personnel will void your warranty. Lifetime warranty is limited to original purchaser with proof of purchase and identification and is not transferable.

Returns and refunds

Sydneyside do not refund or exchange for change of mind or for goods not fitting through access points or into the area you intend them for.

All floor stock sales are covered by a limited warranty programme.

Any faults or damage on purchased floor stock items noted by yourself and Sydneyside will not be covered by any warranty.


Full payment of the invoice balance is due on the day goods are ready for delivery. Outstanding balances exceeding a 14 day period upon being ready for delivery will incur in a daily storage charge of $50 per day. The title of these goods will remain with Sydneyside Furniture until all outstanding amounts owed have been paid. Full payment is required prior to delivery and installation. Our dispatch and installation personnel are unable to accept payments. Personal and bank cheques are accepted as payments but must be cleared before dispatch services can be scheduled.

Contract of sale

Sydneyside reserves the right to terminate or suspend the whole of or any part of any agreement between Sydneyside and the purchaser at any time.

Security of information

Sydneyside may keep customer information in electronic or printed form. All customer information is kept secure and confidential by Sydneyside and can only be accessed by Sydneyside authorised personnel.

Collection of personal information

Sydneyside may collect and record any personal details or product enquiries that you supply and keep on file in our customer database. Information may be collected during any interaction you have with us or anytime you contact Sydneyside furniture by phone, fax, letter, e-mail or by using our website.